Auto Technology (I and II)

  • Program Description

    Through the Auto Technology program, students learn the various aspects of vehicle diagnosis, repair and maintenance. The units of study include eight required ASE modules-Engine Performance, Steering/Suspension Systems, Engine Repair and Automatic/Manual Transmissions and Transaxles, Electrical/Electronics, Brakes, Heating and Air Conditioning and Tires and Wheels. 

    Program Length

    Two year program: Auto Tech I is offered in the AM session only (one year); Auto Tech II is offered in the PM Session only (one year)

    Industry Alignment

    Automotive Service Excellence (ASE);ASE Education Foundation; Occupational Safety and Health
    Administration (OSHA)

    Integrated Academic Coursework

    Career and Financial Management (1/2 credit)
    Science (1/2 credit per year)

    4+1 Pathway Option

    ASE Educational Foundation: Maintenance & Light Repair

    College Credit Opportunities

    Articulation Agreements: Ohio Technical College; Lincoln Technical Institute; SUNY Canton; SUNY College of Technology at Delhi 

    Credential Opportunities

    ASE Education Foundation Entry-Level Certification Exam-Time Toward ASE Accreditation and Test Preparation; 10-hour Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) General Industry Safety and Health Credential; Technical Endorsement on Graduation Diploma

    Industry Assessments

    ASE Education Foundation Entry Level Certification Exam-Maintenance and Light Repair

    Program Supplies, Materials, Assessments Provided

    Work boots; safety glasses; 10-hour OSHA certificate; ASE Education Foundation Entry-Level Certification Exams-Brakes, Steering and Suspension, Electrical/Electronic Systems, Engine Performance, MLR (Maintenance and Light Repair); Engine Repair, Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles, Manual Drive Train and Axles and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)