The Cosmetology Salon at CiTi BOCES offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience and apply classroom theory as they work toward meeting the requirements to take the New York State licensing exam. Students will have the opportunity to participate in competitions, community service activities and internships in a salon.

    Students gain real-life experiences learned through the program by participating in the cosmetology classroom clinic. Students are expected to demonstrate the ability to work independently and with others, as well as have appropriate decision-making skills. The fast-paced environment of cosmetology can lead to several career opportunities.


    About this program:

    • Successful Student Attributes: demonstrate the ability to work independently and with others, appropriate decision-making, aptitude for biology concepts, works well with others, interacts appropriately in all situations


    • Career Opportunities: Salon Manager, Hair Stylist, Nail Care Artist, Esthetician, Platform Artist, Color Educator, or Color Specialist


    • Program Length: Two years (students may be eligible to apply for a temporary New York state license after attainment of 1,000 hours)


    • Industry Alignment: New York State Cosmetology Division of Licensing Services Curriculum; New York State Education Department Cosmetology Prioritized Curriculum


    • Integrated Academic Coursework: Career and Financial Management (½ credit); Science (½ credit per year); English (½ credit per year)


    • Graduation Pathways: 4+1 Pathway Option: NOCTI – Cosmetology NY, CDOS Pathway


    Opportunities through this program:


    • College Credit Opportunities: Articulation Agreement: Bryant & Stratton College


    • Credential Opportunities: Temporary Cosmetologist License (After the successful completion of 1,000 hours, which includes additional time commitment outside of regular class hours)


    • Program Achievement Opportunities: Technical endorsement on graduation diploma and/or National Technical Honor Society




    • Program Supplies, Materials, Assessments Provided: Stylist uniform; NOCTI Cosmetology Exam



    • 13th Grade Reading Level Sample Text: The hydroxide ion is the active ingredient in all hydroxide relaxers, which are very strong alkalis with a pH over 13. Sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, and guanidine hydroxide are all types of hydroxide relaxers, which can swell the hair up to twice its normal diameter. Hydroxide relaxers are not compatible with thio relaxers, permanent waving, or soft curl perms due to the difference in chemistry. Hydroxide relaxers have such a high pH that the alkalinity alone can break the disulfide bonds. The average pH of the hair is about 5, and many hydroxide relaxers have a pH over 13. Since each step in the pH scale represents a tenfold change in concentration, a pH of 13 is 100 million times more alkaline than a pH of 5. (Milady, Year 1 & 2 textbook)


    • Sample Vocabulary: Effilating, keratinization, neutralizing, peptide, sebum


    • Sample ELA: Role play a client consultation that includes information learned from the client intake form. 


    • Sample Science Question: Explain the role of hydrogen peroxide in a hair color formula.

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