New Vision Allied Health

  • The New Vision Allied Health Program is designed for high school seniors interested in pursuing a career in health and wellness, healthcare, medicine, rehabilitation services, veterinary medicine, and related careers.

    Students will participate in classroom instruction and career-related experiences observed during clinical rotations in settings such as local health sites, health centers, animal hospitals, and private practices ranging from speech to surgery to dental care. The classroom setting is held on the SUNY Oswego campus, giving students a first-hand experience as college students, bridging the gap between high school, college and beyond.

    Additional Program Notes: The admission process requires an application, recommendations, a writing sample and an interview. This program is housed on the SUNY Oswego campus. Students in this program are required to have a current physical and health immunizations. Background checks may also be required. Students will participate in rotations at local healthcare facilities.


    About this program:


    • Candidate Criteria:

    •Be in grade 12

    •Planning to graduate the same year enrolled in the New Vision program

    •Have achieved an attendance rate of 90 percent or better

    •Possess an 85 percent (3.0) or better overall average

    •Be willing to adhere to school and work site codes of conduct

    •Have a focused career interest

    •Students may be required to submit medical history forms prior to being placed in rotation sites


    • Career Opportunities: Orthopedics, Physical Therapy, Primary Care, Surgery, Anesthesia, Chiropractic, Phlebotomy, Medical Imaging, Ophthalmology, Speech Language Pathology, Labor and Delivery, Cardiology, Occupational Therapy, School-based Heath Education, Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Emergency Medicine, Pathology, Psychiatrist, Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Memory Care, Cardiac Sonography, Veterinary Medicine, Vet Tech, Veterinary Surgery, or Animal Rehabilitation.

    *All pathway opportunities are dependent on partnership and/or internship availability. 


    • Program Length: One year (seniors only)


    • Industry Alignment: NCHSE National Health Science Standards


    • Integrated Academic Coursework: Participation in Government (½ credit); Economics (½ credit); Health (½ credit); English 12 (1 credit)


    • Graduation Pathway: CDOS Pathway


    Opportunities through this program:


    • College Credit Opportunities: SUNY Oswego English 102; English 150; Psychology 100; GST 101 Professional Skills Preparatory


    • Credential Opportunities: American Heart Association Basic Life Support, Stop the Bleed, Harm Reduction, and more


    • Industry Assessments: American Heart Association Basic Life Support Certifications




    • Program Supplies, Materials, Assessments Provided: Scrubs, CPR/AED certification, Clinical Background Clearance Fee

New Vision Allied Health student


  • “In one month of NV Allied Health, I’ve learned not only how to be a better student, but to be a better person. My academic ability, time management, and people skills have improved drastically.” - Kyle Kon, Oswego High School

    “The NV Allied Health Program truly prepared me for the transition to college! Not only did I gain exposure to a college campus and obtain a large number of credits, but I also developed relationships with professionals in my community that will be valuable when starting my career as a Registered Nurse!” - Caitlyn Kerst, Hannibal High School

    “NV Allied Health has sparked an excitement for my future. The 20 college credits that I earn through this program put me on a fast-track to achieving my goals."Zoie Bowering, G. Ray Bodley High School