Public Safety and Justice

  • Program Description

    Students enrolled in the Public Safety and Justice program will have the opportunity to explore law enforcement, security, corrections, emergency management and response and fire fighting careers. Many hands-on learning experiences will provide students opportunities to learn about evidence gathering, fingerprinting, fire control, emergency response techniques and much more. 

    Program Length

    Two years (students may enroll for one year for program experience)

    Industry Alignment

    New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services – Security Guard Training; New York State Office of Homeland Security – Training Guidelines; Department of State – New York State Security Guard Curriculum; New York State Department of Health – Emergency Medical Services Curriculum; American Red Cross- First Aid, Cardiopulminary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillator (Adult, Child and Infant Standards); New York State Academy of Fire Science Recruit Firefighter Training Program

    Integrated Academic Coursework

    Career and Financial Management (1/2 credit)
    Science (1/2 credit per year)
    Physical Education (1/2 credit per year)
    English (1/2 credit per year)

    4+1 Pathway Option

    NOCTI: Criminal Justice and Protective Services Exam

    College Credit Opportunities

    Bryant & Stratton College; SUNY College of Technology at Delhi

    Credential Opportunities

    American Red Cross - First Aid, CPR and AED (Adult, Child and Infant Certifications); Technical Endorsement on Graduation diploma

    Industry Assessments

    NOCTI– Criminal Justice and Protective Services Exam

    Program Supplies, Materials, Assessments Provided

    Dress Uniform, boots, physical training attire, NOCTI-Criminal Justice and Protective Services Exams

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