Welding Technology

  • Program Description

    Welding is to metal fabrication what glue and nails are to carpentry. Welds hold much of our world together – from buildings, bridges and heavy equipment to airplanes and machinery. A good weld is as strong or stronger than the base metal. Making a good weld takes a high level of skill. The Welding Technology program is a two-year program designed to help students gain the basic welding, fabricating, math and problem solving skills needed to qualify for entry-level employment or apprenticeship. Students work to complete the American Welding Society Entry Level Welder Qualification. Students will build a portfolio of projects and weld tests that will prepare them for success in a variety of employment settings.

    Program Length

    2 years (may be eligible for certification after second year)

    Industry Alignment

    American Welding Society (AWS); Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

    Integrated Academic Coursework

    Career and Financial Management (1/2 credit per year)
    Science (1/2 credit per year)
    Math (1/2 credit per year)

    Articulation Agreements

    International Brotherhood of Ironworkers Local 60; Lincoln Technical Institute; International Brotherhood of Pipefitters Local 73

    Credential Opportunities

    AWS – Entry Level Welder Qualification; 10-hour OSHA Construction Industry Safety and Health Credential; Technical Endorsement on Graduation Diploma; AWS – Advanced Welder Qualification

    Industry Assessments

    AWS – Level 1 (Entry Welder)

    Program Supplies, Materials, Assessments Provided

    Work boots, safety glasses, work gloves, welding jacket; 10-hour OSHA training certificate


    Gravelle, Ralph; Grey, Barbie Jo; Kellogg, Becky