New Vision Specialized Careers

  • Program Description

    The New Vision Specialized Careers program is designed for high school seniors who have a strong interest in pursuing a specific career. Students will participate in classroom instruction, along with real-life, career-related experiences observed during rotations that are specifically tailored to their career interests (e.g, business/finance, psychology, engineering, education and law-related fields, etc.) These rotations will give students an overview of typical occupational experiences. The classroom setting is held on the SUNY Oswego campus, giving students a firsthand experience as college students. Admission to this program is granted through an application and interview process. Additional Program Notes: The admission process requires an application, recommendations, a writing sample and an interview. This program is housed on the SUNY Oswego campus.

    Candidate Criteria:

    • Be in grade 12 planning to graduate the same year enrolled in New Vision program;

    • Have achieved an attendance rate of 90 percent or better;

    •Possess an 85 percent (3.0) or better overall average;

    • Be willing to adhere to school and work site codes of conduct

    • Have a focused career interest

    •Students may be required to submit medical history forms prior to being placed in rotation sites

    Program Length:

    One year (seniors only)

    Industry Alignment:

    Learning Standards for Career Development and Occupational Studies

    Integrated Academic Coursework:

    Participation in Government (½ credit); Economics (½ credit); English 12 (1 credit)

    4+1 Pathway Option:

    No pathway available

    College Credit Opportunities:

    SUNY Oswego English 102; English 150; Psychology 100; GST 101 Career Awareness

    Credential Opportunities:

    American Heart Association - First Aid, CPR and AED Adult Certifications

New Vision Course Offerings

  • High School Credit

    • (1 )High school credit for English 12
    • (1) High school credit for Social Studies 12 (1/2 credit Participation in Government, 1/2 Economics)
    • Two Career and Technical Education credits

    SUNY Oswego College Course Offerings

    • ENG 102 Composition II - A composition course designed to instruct the student in rhetorical modes and the basic techniques of expository prose, in critical reading, and in research methods. (3 credits)
    • ENG 150 Principles of Literary Representation - This course presents conceptions, methodologies, and materials fundamental to the discipline of literary study by focusing on the nature of representation in literary art. (3 credits)
    • PSY 100-Introduction to Psychology - Psychology is the science that studies behavior and mental processes, and studies the profession that applies that science. (3 credits)
    • GST 101 Professional Studies - This course will prepare, involve and connect students in the fundamental aspects of career planning through self-assessment, market analysis, professional etiquette and networking, personal budgeting, and career application through to the interview process. It will produce informed and engaged citizens who think clearly and deeply, express themselves effectively, and pride themselves on being lifelong learners who are able to adapt and flourish in any setting. (3 credits)
NV Specialized Careers Vet student holds animal.


  • “I am receiving hands on experience in my desired career field (veterinarian) that many students my age are not able to receive.” - Lillian Bray, G. Ray Bodley High School

    “With the amazing opportunity I have out on my rotation, I have begun to make connections with a variety of different people who can help me further my career goals and schooling.” - Mattison Peet, Mexico High School

    “New Vision offers college credits on top of all of the advanced placement classes that I am currently enrolled in at my school. This will help me outstandingly in my venture to becoming an attorney at law.” - Cade Reed, John C. Birdlebough High School