P-TECH Recruitment and Application Process

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    We will begin recruitment for the 2021-22 school year in the fall of 2020.

    Check out our P-TECH Recruitment Calendar for more information on recruitment presentation dates to be held in your home district.

    New Student Application Process

    1. Fill out your Online Application. 

    Applications are due April 9th, 2021

    Links to all application materials can be found on the page with your Student Online Application. It is our preference to receive these as online submissions. Once you've submitted the initial application please prepare your answer to the questions listed at the end. These will be submitted as a separate form titled Student Questionnaire. If online submission is not feasible and you need paper copies of the forms please contact Amber Preston by email or phone 315-963-4248 to get pdf versions that can be printed.

    You will need a parent recommendation, counselor recommendation, and two teacher recommendations to be completed. We recommend that all forms be filled out online. If you can't access the online forms please reach out to your guidance counselor or email us

    2. Sit for a Student Interview.

    Interviews of students who have applied to the Oswego County P-TECH School will likely take place remotely again this year. Interview teams will consist of educators and industry partners who will conduct remote interviews by Zoom, a video meeting, web-based program, or by phone.  The interviews will last approximately twenty minutes and will give students an opportunity to share a different side and perspective of themselves than their written applications. Interview time slots will be coordinated directly with families of students who apply. 

    Students will be asked about their most and least favorite subjects in school, why they are interested in P-TECH, their thoughts on redesigning the school day, and their career aspirations.  Students will also be asked about how they work with others, how peers and teachers describe them, and what they would change about their middle school years if they could.

    Once interviews are completed, all information from the entire application package will be reviewed, and up to forty students will be selected to enroll in the school.  Letters will be sent home to all applicants in late May or early June with additional directions about accepting the invitation to enroll.

    3. Wait patiently for your application status.

    Notification of application status will be sent out to all students in May/June 2021

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