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  • Welcome Students to CiTi Mexico Campus and Oswego County PTECH!

    Contact Names and phone numbers

    CiTi Switchboard - 315-963-4251

    PTECH Contacts

    Administration (Direct phone numbers listed):

    Ms. Amber Preston - PTECH Liaison 315-963-4248 (Main PTECH Phone Number)

    Mr. Bill Lynch - Principal 315-963-4463

    Mr. Dan Lupa - Counselor 315-963-4466



    Mr. Brian Heffron - Social Studies

    Mr. Mark Rogers - Engineering & Technology

    Ms. Wendy Ruiz - Science 

    Mr. Christopher Wahl - Physics & Math

    Mr. Timothy Wolfer - Math 

    Ms. Misti Yaddaw - English

    Ms. Jennifer Vant - Students With Disabilities

    Mr. James Furfaro - Teaching Assistant - STEM Focus

    Ms. Theresa Burmingham - Teaching Assistant


    P-TECH Student Supply List for September 2017

    Please find a modest supply list for the following school year. We are asking that students provide these items if they have means. If anyone needs help with obtaining supplies, please come to Mr. Bill Lynch or Mr. Dan Lupa to have a private conversation. Or reach out to Mrs. Amber Preston by phone or email.

    • Three 1.5 inch binder
    • One 2.0 inch binder
    • One 3.0 inch binder
      • Loose leaf paper for each binder
      • Five sets of dividers (one per binder)
    • Two spiral notebooks
    • One Composition notebook or a spiral notebook for English
    • Pens, Pencils
    • Pencil case/pouch to be stored in binder
    • Colored highlighters
    • One pack of index cards
    • Graphing paper


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