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    Program Overview and Requirements

    The mentoring program for this year will launch in the Fall of 2016 and run through June 2017.

    The in-person kick-off event will take place November TBD, 2016, and will be followed by a series of other in-person events, including project days at the school on the CiTi BOCES campus in Mexico and site visits to each industry partner.

    Oswego County P-TECH mentors must commit to:

    • Attending the kick-off mentor event in November: Mentors who cannot attend the kick-off event will not be able to participate in the program unless they make arrangements to meet his/her student(s) prior to the event. While conflicts may arise and we don't want that possibility to deter you from participating. It is critical to the program that all mentors meet with their student(s) face to face in the beginning of the school year.
    • Individual mentors only: Communicating with their students regularly using our newly developed on-line mentoring platform.
    • Completing a 90-minute program training webinar in Fall 2016. (one hour for mentorplace.org and 30 minutes of a P-TECH overview presentation with a focus on the importance mentoring plays in the school model)

    Following all safety and security rules of the program, including a background check.


    • June-July
      • Recruit Local Mentors
      • Host information sessions for potential mentors
    • August - September
      • Invite mentors to Summer Bridge Lunch and Learn Sessions
      • Train mentors and school staff on mentoring model
    • October
      • Participate in mandatory in-person kickoff event at school
      • Introduce mentors to students
    • February
      • Host mid-year in-person event at school (industry challenge presentation)
    • May
      • Hold mandatory in-person end-of-year celebration at school with closing and thinking-ahead activities.
    • June
      • Participate in survey/focus groups to review mentor program for the year.
      • Review mentoring program, survey/focus group response, develop improvements.



    • Weekly/Bi-weekly emails to mentors, students and teachers with participation reports
    • Responses to mentor questions/requests
    • Monitor online site for uploaded attachments, user requests and participation reports

    This interaction and engagement accounts for approximately 30 minutes per week, per student. Some special events that take place at the school may involve a half-day to one full-day commitment for industry challenges, presentations and feedback, etc.

    For industry partners who may not be able to commit to mentoring 3-4 students each week, there are other ways to engage in supporting the school and bringing industry experience to the students.  Some potential examples of mentoring might look like the following:

    Three Sample Tiers for Mentors:


    Tier 1: Individual Mentor: Online and face-to-face

    Tier 2: Classroom Mentor: Classroom/ Events only

    Tier 3: Internship Mentor Online and face-to-face

    • Attend kick-off event
    • Mentor 1-3 students
    • Attend 2 other events
    • Complete weekly online activities
    • Attend kick-off event
    • Attend 5 other events (this could include project days, class speakers, exhibit days, and/or site visits)
    • This could also include class Skype sessions
    • Serve as worksite coaches for students during their internship experience
    • Participate in internship fairs, mock interviews, and other readiness workshops in the Spring semester


    As students progress through the six-year P-TECH 9-14 school program, their relationships with their mentors will likely evolve and grow. In the early years the mentoring is more general with a mentor building the foundation of the relationship through a presence at the school and involvement in Workplace Learning projects. As students progress through the school program, their relationships with their mentor will grow and become more clearly aligned to students’ particular needs and interests. This is often associated with students’ internships and apprenticeships.

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