Stepping Stones Day Treatment

  • In the CiTi Stepping Stones Day Program we offer a structured small group environment that helps students overcome the emotional and behavioral challenges that interfere with learning, so that they may return successfully to their home district. Our special education teachers and specialist support staff from CiTi and an on-site team of Hillside Children’s Center mental health professionals will work together to promote your child’s independent functioning along with his or her academic achievement and success. Our program is located at Fourth Street School in Fulton, NY.

    Home supports are critical to a child’s success in the Stepping Stones Day Program. They play a central role in helping us to better understand your child’s strengths, aspirations, and challenges, and to helping set and achieve all behavioral and learning objectives. No one knows a child better than a parent or guardian! With a home/school collaboration, we can work together to set and achieve a child’s behavioral and academic objectives.

    What We Believe:

    We honor and highlight the positive value that each child naturally possesses.

    We are committed to providing all children with the tools and resources needed to manage feelings and behavior before they
    become a problem.

    Improve communications skills (with peers and adults) and build self-esteem.

    Foster the development of the academic skills students will need to be successful in a home school placement.

    Present step-by-step alternatives to disruptive behavior patterns and other self-defeating practices that currently limit educational

    What We Do:

    Individual, Family and Group Therapy; Patient and Family Support; Regular on-site Psychiatric Consultations and Medication Management; Academic and Special Education Instruction in 8:1:1 Enhanced Classrooms; Other services as described in the CiTi Family Handbook.

    Student Profile:

    The Stepping Stones Day Program serves children and youth in grades K-12 who have behavioral and emotional challenges, and who would benefit from special education instruction and fully integrated on-site mental health services. Documentation of a mental health diagnosis is required; the school district will work with you to obtain this documentation.

    Student-specific Outcomes:

    Improved self-regulation of affect
    Improved self-regulation of defiance and/or aggression
    Improved ability to attend to and participate in educational activities
    Improved peer relationships
    Improved attendance/reduction in days lost to suspensions or

    What to do if you are interested:

    Students are referred to the Stepping Stones Day Program by the Committee on Special Education in their local school district. Please let your local CSE Chair know if you are interested in this program for your child. CiTi and Hillside staff have the experience necessary to provide you with the support you need. Once your child is enrolled, Hillside Family Advocates are also available to provide support.

    We look forward to working with you and your child. In the Stepping Stones Day Program we believe in fresh starts and second chances – and we know how much our students look forward to developing the ability to succeed in education, employment, family and community life.

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