• This program is designed to provide a balanced educational program for students K-12 in a highly structured environment. A+ classes are designed for students identified as having Autism or having Autistic-like tendencies. Students may also display social-emotional delays, academic skill deficits, sensory/processing needs and have expressive and receptive communication de- lays. Staff are trained in the Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communications Handicapped Children (TEACCH) framework, which is a family-centered, evidence-based practice for autism. The framework provides students with sensory diet opportunities in the classroom as well as scheduled time in a sensory room. Additionally, the classrooms are designed using a 5-senses approach, Applied Behavior Analysis practices, Task Analysis, curriculum aligned to the major claims and essential elements of NYS’s Dynamic Learning Maps and a total communication approach using visual supports to match verbal cues. The goal of the A+ program is to foster the development of independence in social, emotional, behavioral and academic skills. We believe that children can realize their potential given an environment that is supportive, developmentally appropriate and geared toward specific individual needs.



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