Response to Intervention Guidance for NYS Districts

The purpose of this guidance document is to describe features or components of an effective RtI model by defining RtI as a multi-tiered early prevention system designed to improve outcomes for all students.  The chapters of this document provide guidance on:

  • minimum requirements of an RtI program:
  • appropriate instruction,
  • screenings applied to all students,
  • instruction matched to student needs,
  • repeated assessments of student achievement,
  • application of student information to make educational decisions, and
  • notification to parents;
  • school district selection of a specific structure and its components;
  • staff knowledge and skills needed to implement an RtI program; and
  • use of RtI data in determining if a student has a learning disability.
RtI Guidance - October 2010.pdf, 401.49 KB; (Last Modified on December 30, 2014)