Bridges to Success

Bridges Students.
  • Bridges offers a unique experience for students that struggle in a typical school and act out in ways that get in the way of their educational goals. With small classroom sizes, a unique location and an alternative approach to teaching and learning, students thrive and are able to become motivated to be successful.

    What type of student is appropriate for the program?

    The students that have been most successful in the program are students that have difficulty accessing the curriculum due to social and emotional concerns, with significant concerns in the area of forming and maintaining healthy relationships. This behavioral intervention program is not accepting applications of students with IEPs.

    Data Communication

    Daily data is gathered on the students. We share attendance and behavioral data with districts weekly.

    A Commitment to Parents

    Parents work with the staff to ensure student success. Weekly communication with the parents and triennial meetings are held to confirm the partnership. Text messages or emails are sent to parents daily about work completion.


    Due to the flexible scheduling options student have multiple opportunities to achieve any form of regents diploma or focus on passing the TASC assessment. Students can gain up to 9 credits per year. It is common that students choose to finish out their high school experience in the CARE program or with CTE experiences.

  • What makes Bridges unique?

    • A Multi-Tier System of Behavioral Supports
    • Fostering Mindfulness
    • Personalized Learning Plans
    • Counseling
    • Community outings and service
    • Small Class size
    • Flexible Scheduling
    • Assigned Oswego county mentors
    • PBL – Hands on learning
    • Restorative Practices


    "Every Student, Every Assignment, Every Day!"

    Our philosophy is to expect every student to complete every assignment that is done in class, with a passing grade. Each student is held accountable to complete their assignments, no matter if they are absent or refuse. They make up or redo work on their time. Community service opportunities are expected to teach the job ready skills needed during and after high school.