TASC Alternative Education Program

  • Test Assessing Secondary Completion is CiTi’s Alternative High School Equivalency Program. This program is geared toward students who may be at risk of not exiting high school with a regents or local diploma with their graduating class. There is one session offered on CiTi’s main campus from 12:00-2:30 in the main building, room A-130. It is for students who are under 21 years of age and who meet the eligibility requirements

    TASC Registration Account

    Before sitting for the TASC exam, an online account must be created. This account is where students will receive their unofficial test scores. If someone has approved testing accomodations, this online account will be used to upload the accomodations.

    Testing Accommodations

    Students with an IEP or 504 Plan with testing accommodations will be able to use them when taking the TASC subtests. Data Recognition Corporation is the company that produces the tests and approves testing accommodations. More information on testing accommodations can be found through the NYSED website and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

    TASC Testing in Oswego County

    Dr. John Ramin is Oswego County’s Test Administrator. You can find a list of TASC testing dates, locations, and general information on CiTi’s website. You can also find other TASC testing dates in New York State.

    NYSED HSE Office and Four Pathways to Graduation

    A yearly application to operate an AHSEP program is filled out by CiTi BOCES and submitted to the High School Equivalency Office for approval. This office will also approve the form used to verify valid Regents scores that can now take the place of a TASC subtest. More information on the four pathways and updated information regarding the TASC program can be found through NYSED.

    ATP/TASC application: In order to operate an alternative program such as TASC, an application must be filled out and submitted to the state every year. This application also lists the requirements and guidelines that the district/facility should follow.

    Data Recognition Corporation

    TASC information and resources: This is a useful website as it has a wide variety of links for those seeking any information regarding the content of the exams, resources to prepare for the exams, testing information such as allotted time and passing scores, etc.

    Essential Education

    CiTi BOCES purchases an online program called TASC Academy. Students who are enrolled in the school-aged TASC program will be given a username and password to access this program to prepare for the TASC exams. This program is used at school but can also be used at home and over the summer.

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