Teen Health Education Services (THES)

  • The mission of the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation's Teen Health Education Services (THES) is to promote lifelong physical and emotional well being to our students through education and counseling. Previously called Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Services (APPS).

    All youth deserve education that empowers them to make healthy, informed decisions about their relationships and their bodies. CiTi Teen Health Educators provide counseling and education on human sexuality and health issues including healthy relationships, sexual decision making, abstinence, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and LGBTQ+ issues to students in area schools. Services are confidential.

    CiTi's THES program has been a great success for more than the last 30 years.  Teen pregnancy rates have dropped in Oswego County and our educators have helped thousands of students navigate their way through their difficult teen years. 


    • Strong connections at school during adolescence has long-lasting protective effects across a range of adult health outcomes including emotional distress, suicidal ideation, physical violence victimization and perpetration, multiple sex partners, STI diagnosis, prescription drug misuse, and other illicit drug use.
    • 33% of adolescents in the US are victim to sexual, physical, verbal, or emotional dating abuse.
    • Over half of US teens are sexually active by the age of 18.
    • Despite teen pregnancy rates declining in the US since their peak in the early 1990’s, the US still has higher teen pregnancy rates than most other developed countries.
    • 84% of LGBT youth report verbal harassment at school because of their gender identity and/or sexual orientation.  The consequences of physical and verbal abuse directed towards LGBT students include truancy, dropping out of school, poor grades, and having to repeat a grade. In one study, 28% of LGBT youth dropped out of school due to peer harassment. 
    • 1 in 4 teens contract a sexually transmitted disease every year.