Program Services

  • Advocacy

    Assist migrant students and their families with obtaining needed services and resources.

    Family Literacy

    • Educational activities for the entire family.

    In-School Students

    Academic support and tutoring are provided to children who have needs identified by parents, teachers or migrant program staff.

    • Tutors provide either in school or home tutoring. Priority for Service follows students who are failing, or most at risk to meet state's content and performance standards, or whose education has been interrupted during the regular school year.

    Health Services

    • Assist families with obtaining health insurance through the Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus and Medicaid programs

    • Assist migrant students with obtaining immunizations

    • Assist families with migrant education funded health vouchers for migrant eligible students

    Parent Involvement

    • Home visits to families

    • Parent Advisory Committee meetings

    • Bilingual staff assist Spanish speaking families to fully participate in program activities

    • Adult education opportunities through ESL, GED and Family Literacy

    Special Activities

    • Educational field trips

    • Teen retreat

    • Graduation & recognition dinner

    • Holiday celebrations

Student Artwork peacock
  • Adolescent Outreach Program

    Students in grades 7-12 are invited to participate in activities designed to:

    • Promote career awareness

    • Explore post secondary options

    • Perform community service

    • Develop leadership skills

    • Credit accrual

    English as a Second Language

    • ESL classes are available

    • Staff are trained in ESL techniques

    • Bilingual English/Spanish Outreach

    • Materials are provided free of charge