•  Welcome to CiTi BOCES’ TASC Assessment Program! 

    Current TASC Exam Dates

    March 2019:                                                                             
    Mexico- Main Campus (*Testing Accommodations*)
    3/26/19-3/29/19 (4-9PM)

    April 2019:
    Oswego High School
    4/25-4/26 (5-9PM on the 25th, 4-9PM for the 26th)               

    May 2019:
    Mexico- Main Campus                
    5/29/19-5/30/18 (4-9PM)

    June 2019:
    Cayuga Community College 
    6/27/18-6/28/18 (12-4PM)

    July 2019:
    Mexico- Main Campus (*Testing Accommodations*)
    7/22/19-7/25/19 (4PM-9PM)

    August 2019:
    Cayuga Community College
    8/19/19-8/20/19 (12-4PM)

    September 2019:
    Cayuga Community College
    9/10/19-9/11/19 (4-9PM)

    October 2018:
    Oswego High School
    10/18/19 (4-9PM)
    10/19/19 (8:30AM-3:30PM)

    November 2019:
    Mexico Main Campus
    (*Testing Accommodations*)
    11/12/19-11/15/19 (4-9PM)

    Testing Sites

    • Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation - Mexico, NY
    • Cayuga Community College - Fulton, NY


    • Bring you entrance ticket for your assigned TASC exam. You will not be allowed into the exam without it.
    • On each day of the test, you must bring TWO original proofs of identity. First proof must be: Driver's License, passport, military identification or non-driver's ID. Second proof must be: library card, credit card, birth certificate or social security card. Without one of each of these identifications, you will not be allowed to test.
    • Everyone must report on the first day, even if you are taking only part of the test. You need to be present both days to take entire test.
    • Plan on being present approximately 4-5 hours each day to complete the test. 
    • You must arrive on time, no one will be admitted late.
    • No food or drink are allowed in testing rooms, except water with a lid, which can be stored on the floor near your testing station. 
    • Cell phones are not allowed in the testing area.
    • There will be short breaks between each section of the test for your convinience.

Contact Us

  • 315.963.4440

    Please mail all TASC exam applications to:

    CiTi BOCES
    179 County Route 64
    Mexico, NY 13114
    Attention: John Ramin